Knee Surgery – Day 2 after

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This is the 2nd day after partial knee surgery on my left knee. I had the surgery on Monday January 21, 2013 at Mr. Vernon Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia. I wrote about the day of the surgery in the first blog. The 2nd blog was about Day 1 after the surgery. This is the 3rd blog about Day 2 of the surgery. I plan to continue this blog until I am at 100%, in my own opinion.

Day 2 is better than Day 1 in that going up steps is easier. I make it up my 13 inside steps to my second floor without any mishap. There is some pain, but thru the wonders of medication, perseverance and that I KNOW this will be better fairly soon makes the climb much more bearable. I spend a lot of the day walking around my first floor with my movable device. Jorge commented and wrote on my therapy exercises on Day 1 that I should walk more, ice more and do the exercises.

The exercises are as follows: (1) Lie down, left leg straight out. Maneuver the left foot to maximum degrees in circular ranges. Do this 30 to 50 times.
(2) Lie down, or sit down, left leg straight out. Put some kind of strap around the foot. Pull the left leg straight back so the knee bends. The instructions say until a slight stretch is felt. Jorge says until I can’t stand it. Hold for 5 seconds. Lower leg back to straight out. Do this 10 – 30 repetitions. So far, I can’t do more than 15. Very painful beginning to end.
(3) Sit on edge of chair, left leg down. Lift leg to straight out. If muscles are weak, then assist leg with the right leg until straight out. Hold for 5 seconds. Do 10 – 30 repetitions. So far, I’ve not been able to do more than 10 repetitions. However, I began this exercise not being able to move my left leg with the left leg muscles at all. Now, after 2 days of exercise, I can get the left leg up more than 45 degrees toward straight, so I know the exercise is working!
(4) Left leg straight out, best done sitting up. Using the quad muscles around the knee only, straighten the leg and press down till completely straight with back of knee flat on the table/bed. Hold 5 – 10 seconds. Do 10 – 30 repetitions. This is also a cumulative progressive exercise. Day 1 I could not even bunch these muscles. Day 2, until Day 2 therapy I had to help the knee down and it was soooo painful. I could do no more than three at a time. Day 2 therapy session and the therapist showed me exactly what to do. I was able to use my quads to do 8 of these exercises and hold the leg straight with my quad muscles alone. Since then, I’ve progressed more and more reps as well as length of hold down with the quad muscles. So far, I’ve been unable to do more than 15 reps for this exercise, but I know things will be better as time continues.
(5) Lie down flat. Same as exercise 2, except without the strap, and also release the leg and allow to slowly go forward to straight, same as exercise 4, again, without the strap, or hand assist. Hold for at least 5 seconds. Do 10 – 30 repetitions. The most painful exercise of all, as no assistance is lent by strap or hands, so the pain begins when the leg starts to bend and does not end until the exercise ends.

My therapy for the day is at 3:30PM, same place. An interesting sign is there, just inside. “No Concealed Weapons”, with a photo of a handgun, a circle around it, and a mark thru the gun. The sign is small, about 4” X 6”. Usually I carry. Not today, too much pain. We’ll see. I feel bad for establishments that believe this little sign that may not even be seen by most, would (a) be seen by murderers (b) murderers would care. These are the establishments that are targeted by murderers. Criminals aren’t stupid. Nobody wants to die by the hand of another unless they are very depressed and don’t have their own nerve for suicide. Criminals go for success. Whether theft, robbery, rape, murder, whatever the crime. A murderer would see that sign, smile to himself (usually is a man in this kind of crime), and commence fire. When the police arrived, the shooter would shoot himself, thereby removing, even the police, of some kind of vengeance. This is the ultimate put down to the public. The feeling by public, police, etc., is no one can do anything about these people. But someone could. And that someone could’ve been right there in the establishment. Except, that someone saw that sign and didn’t want to be ostracized or generally embarrassed by the establishment management. So on that day, that person died with the rest of the lambs by the murderer.

On this therapy day, I have a female therapist. Don’t know her name yet. Again, I am dressed rather skimpily for the weather, but perfect for therapy. The therapist and I discuss my surgery and she asks if I am right out of surgery and I tell her it was Monday. She massages my leg, and notes that my knee is heavily bruised on the right side of it. She says this bruising is nothing compared to what is going to show up in another day or two. And by gosh she is surely correct on that! Right now, Day 5, I have bruising all the way up my thigh on both sides, wonderful shades of purple, fading off to yellow as the days go by.

Then she comments on my actual surgery. My incision is nearly center left knee, or a smidgen off center to the left. The therapist comments that actually, the device that was inserted is to the right about two inches! Not under the incision at all! What a surprise that was! Although, as I commented back a bit, I had wondered about that. The surgeon had told me the partial was going to be on the right forward area, and clearly the incision didn’t indicate that area at all. But what an interesting thing to learn. The therapist believed that the incision was not directly over the device in my knee so that the healing would be easier, and I could get down into lower squats, or even kneel down on hard services without feeling pain from scar tissue inside the knee.

When I was done my therapy, my wife collected me, and off we went back home. The rest of the day was basically lying around until bedtime. Where-upon I decided to spend this night in my bed!! A wonderful thought, and I hoped it would continue that way! Once in a regular bed, the exercises, particularly the complete straightening of the leg were easier to feel the back of the knee on. Not any easier to do, just easier to feel.

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