Knee Surgery – Day 10

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This is the continuing saga of the recovery of a middle age (at least in my mind) man who had partial replacement knee surgery 11 days ago.

Today was an enlightening day in many ways. First of all, I let the therapist remove the bandage after my doctor permitted it by phone. I was not interested in being the first to view that knee, just in case. So Jorge removed the bandage. He pronounced that the stitches appeared to be the dissolving kind. I will attach a photo of the finished product. The skin reminded me of the face of a Klingon from Star Trek. Wrinkled and dark. The line through the middle of the face of the Klingon are the stitches.

After removal of the bandage, Jorge spent a good deal of time massaging the area around the stitches. He advised the reason is that the skin wasn’t moving around. For comparison he said push/pull the skin on your other knee. It moves around freely. The left knee should be that way as well. But it isn’t. The skin doesn’t move around at all. When Jorge was massaging the skin, I could feel things like popping apart gently. I looked to see if the skin was popping up from the stiches. Jorge said this was the skin lifting off the bone, and the webbing between the bone and the interior of the skin so that the new skin will start moving around some. It felt a bit weird, but did not hurt at all.

Following the skin massaging, Jorge then had me move my legs half off the cot. He then pushed my calf of my leg toward my thigh. I was some worried about this because this maneuver had caused me great achiness since Monday’s therapy. Jorge pushed enough so that my calf nearly touched my thing. Pretty amazing! Especially since my leg didn’t ache at all doing this! Next it was my turn to do the same thing. I had to stretch my calf out as far as possible toward straight. After doing this 15 reps, I next had to stretch the leg straight out again and on return to 90 degrees, I was to pull the calf back in toward my thing again. Well, danged if the same severe ache didn’t return when I did it! Worse – the leg did not bend near as severe as when Jorge pushed it. I went ahead and did the exercise. Following the exercise I asked Jorge why I ached, and when he did it, I didn’t. Jorge said it was because I was tense because my mind wouldn’t accept I could bend the leg that far. Very cool.

Next it was back to the strap mentioned on Wednesday. To refresh the reader’s memory, I had to have an elastic strap around my leg, and it was then tied to a pole. I had to stretch the strap, then step back further. My exercise was to bend my knee slightly and after a five count, I was to straighten the leg out completely. The first time I did this today, I noticed my knee would lock when I pulled the knee back. This was a definite advancement as I could not do this on Wednesday. I did these 15 reps.

Next I went on the leg push. This is a weight lifting machine, with the only weight being the user’s body weight. The exercise is I lay on my back and placed me feet shoulder width apart and with the knees bent comfortably. I then pushed my body backward until my legs straightened. I was able to lock my legs again with this exercise. I was very happy about this development. When I shoot rifle in competition I lock my legs. It’s been long since I could lock my knees so I’m very happy with this development. It may be difficult for some to believe, but the difference in shooting for me is – knees don’t lock = rifle moves. Knees locked = no rifle movement. I’m hoping it’s the difference between not winning and winning matches.

Following this exercise I was back on the stationary bike, rocking again. Rocking, to explain, is the user is on the bike regularly. The pedals are turned one way till the user cannot turn anymore as the leg refuses to bend further. The pedal is spun backward this time until the leg no longer bends. Rock back and forth between forward and backward turns of the pedal for 5 minutes. I was almost able to go completely turn the pedal today but couldn’t quite get over the top apex of the curve.

Last thing was to get my knee iced down till time to go. I discussed the not sleeping with Jorge. He advised a hot shower just before bed, and then do a few exercises in the bed after the shower. This may get the blood running and maybe I wouldn’t wake up so much. If I continued to do this, I may wake up less and less.

My apology for no photos. I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet when writing.

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