Knee Surgery – Backwards, Then Forward Again

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Well, after so many days of success I guess I should’ve expected at least One day of regression. Day 28. It was an achy day; all day. Woke up several times during the night with an achy knee and nothing changed throughout the day. Found when I exited the shower that the knee does NOT like bending to the inside, that is, the same side as the parts mechanism is on. Found that out a couple more times today as well. Getting in the car was ugly, getting out was worse. The knee just seemed to ache all the day. Even after taking some pain medication.

Probably tomorrow will be a better day though. It will be Day 29, and the follow-up doctor’s appointment after surgery. Perhaps the surgeon will be helpful in this new interior ache of the knee. We’ll discuss how much longer I should take pain meds, and if other meds would help like Ibuprofen or Aspirin. We’ll discuss how much longer the ache will be going on as well. And also when should I consider a partial replacement of the right knee. Just a few questions easy to answer I’d say, at least easy for the surgeon.
Later tomorrow, I’ll have another therapy session. I’ll expect the therapists will be able to assist with this new ache from bending on the inside of the knee.
This post will be continued tomorrow evening with more reports.

Day 29 – Went to see the surgeon who did my surgery today. Unlike yesterday, it was a fine day. The surgeon, Dr. Fricka, advised I am healing well. My scar is squishing back into my skin so it won’t be seem soon. Or at least not seen much. He advised for therapy for the remainder of the month. Also advised that I could return to the gym daily and promoted exercises such as stationary bike, elliptical machine and leg press. He renewed a couple medications, non-narcotic and advised a new appointment of May. We discussed the other knee for surgery and he advised anytime. I expect that to happen in early April. I advised Dr. Fricka that I thanked him not only as a surgeon but for also having the finest looking troupe of female assistants, nurses, receptionists and general help that I have EVER had the pleasure of looking at in a doctor’s office!!

Later in the day, I went to therapy. More exercises, painful exercises. Ugh. But very good for making my knee heal well. Newest exercise was a left legged leg press. The leg press is to lie on a down slanted board, press my feet on a broad plate, bend my knees as far as I can stand the pain of the bend, and push. The board is pushed away from the plate. I am pushing my body weight away from the plate. After doing both legs on the press for 30 repetitions, Jorge decided that I should do 15 reps of ONE legged presses. OMG IT WAS SERIOUS ACHY!!! Got through it but it took nearly 5 minutes!!

Day 31 – New therapy day. Today Liz decided I should simply do 15 one legged press in the first place. And this was a prime example of how fast the therapy & exercise work to strengthen the leg muscles. Liz was busy so I simply did one legged presses till she advised me to do something else. By that time I had completed 50 of the presses!! On this same day, I was also able to completely circle the stationary bicycle forward and backward with the seat lowered more than usual. Overall, it was a very fine day for forward working exercise.

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