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Foot/Ankle Surgery Recovery – 19 days Onward

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If you are just tuning in, this is a blog on my own recovery from foot and ankle surgery of my left foot. The surgery took place on January 14th, and I am documenting the recovery. The documentary is in case someone else is considering this surgery so they will know what to expect in the days and weeks and even months following this surgery. As is commented on in this post, one thing to expect is that complete loss of the use of one leg! Until it happens, there is nothing to prepare oneself for this. It isn’t the pain as there is very little, but the problem of movement to any other location. Sitting is boring. That is quickly found out. But walking is impossible. So the compromise is to compact all the walking around duties so it is mostly done at the same time, and sit the rest of the time. Ugh.

Today is February 3rd. Yesterday was a monumental day. Yesterday was the first day I was able to negotiate my way out of my house, and down the back steps, then the brick steps to my driveway without having to sit and bump down, or back up. Once outside on my back stoop, I placed both crutches in my left hand, and grasped the stair rail with my right hand. Using my left(casted) foot as a balance point, I put the points of my crutches down to the next step down, ran my right hand forward so I was bent slightly forward. I bent my left leg slightly and quickly stepped down to the next step with my left leg, then rapidly brought my right, (uninjured) foot to that same step. I went the rest of the way down, using that method. Yes, I put weight on my casted foot, but it was only slight. Very little. So little that I could hardly feel the cast touching the step. Anyway, I got down.

Upon arrival back, getting up was the opposite. Holding onto the left rail of the brick steps, I also held a crutch in the left hand, along with a crutch in the right hand. I put the right crutch on the step up, stepped up with my right foot and quickly lifted the left foot up on the same step. This put a weight on my left foot, but if I did it rapidly, only a little weight was on that foot. I went up the rest of the steps using that method. Success!

Now, on February 6th, I find that my toes are swollen after spending some time in my basement. My foot is a little tingly as well like it is going to sleep. I think its possibly from sitting around so much. I try to get up at least once an hour just to get on my cart and ride through the house, do something, ride back and go back to sitting. Today, I went into the basement and stayed about 1 1/2 hours. I sat there, doing some work for about 40 minutes. Before I sat down there, I was up on my crutches for about 10-12 minutes looking at some things. I noticed my toes ached a little then, so I sat for about 40 minutes. The I got up again after my work was done, and simply crutched on over to the stairs to reclimb then and discovered my toes were quite swollen. I could feel the pressure of my foot pressing against the inner sides of the cast. Kind of a weird feeling. Perhaps a way to cure this swollen business to get on my cart more and ride around, or crutch around the house.

I discussed this swollen toes and tingly toes with my health insurance (CIGNA) this morning. They offer help lines toll free to contact with any issues. The nurse I discussed this with advised the usual about putting the leg up higher than my heart. She even suggested I could lay on the floor and put the leg up on a pillow. I hadn’t thought of that before but that might be the best way because, other than the immediate problem getting down to the floor, putting any pillow there makes the leg higher than my heart. Another thing we discussed was that the tingly toes may have to do with a lesser sodium intake the day before. Pretty interesting for sure! And one other thing was that the nurse said I may be sitting too much in one place. I had thought about this but wasn’t sure. So today when I sat, I sat on our couch rather than my reclining chair. So far today I’ve had no tingly toes, and they haven’t been swollen either. These little things are always good to know, even if it isn’t quite recovery. I’ll call it maintenance instead.

February 11th was another monumental day. When one doesn’t have the use of one leg to speak of, most anything involving weight or movement can be thought of as monumental, at least by the person with the one leg. I decided to return to the basement again as I had some things to do there. I like to wash my clothes I wear every few days as I am basically using nearly the same clothing everyday, so its imperative to keep these items clean. I decided to try going to the basement the same way I traversed the outside stairs on February 3rd. That is, more normal than going down the stairs on my butt. I used the method of stepping down the stair and putting some light weight on my casted foot while I brought the good foot down for the rest of the weight. I stayed in the basement just for the time to put my clothes in the wash and went back to the steps to return upstairs.

I really couldn’t stand the thought of scooting back up those stairs on my butt. It’s a slow, and not the most comfortable method of ascending stairs. I turned around backwards, figuring if I came down those stairs standing up, why couldn’t I back up the stairs facing frontwards? Now, facing frontwards, actually means looking back down the stairs! I began. I have to say, it’s quite confusing to back up a stairway. It really is against everything anyone is taught about climbing up stairs. One reason is that foot placement is confusing, ESPECIALLY when one only has a single foot at 100 percent to begin with!! The method the walking up was to hold the casted foot on the step and place the good foot back on the next step up and push my weight up to the next step while tightly gripping the stair rail on the right and pushing up on my crutches on the left. Then lift the casted foot up even with the good foot and I’m ready for the next step up again. Writing about it takes far longer than doing it. I have to say its a bit nerve racking when one is backing up stairs. When the casted foot is lifted up, most weight is on the good foot, which means leaning over the stairs to get the other foot back up. It’s similar to leaning over seats high up in a baseball stadium, like you’re going to fall if you make one slip, or inadvertent move. It took a long while to go up backwards, but not near as long, or with as much effort as going up on my butt.

The best part of walking up, sort of, was that at the top of the stairs, I didn’t have to struggle to get up off my butt and back onto my cart. While we’re right here, let me explain the business of returning to my cart once I arrive back up the steps sitting down. Once at the top of the steps, I have to continue to back out of the steps, then close the basement door. I worry about falling back down the steps. That’s the reason for shutting the door. Following that, I have to twist and place both crutches in a secure corner. Don’t want them falling on me while I’m making my way to the cart. Next, I straighten out, and find something to slide up on so I’m about halfway up to a chair that I can use to slide up on my cart. Why not just push my way up onto my cart? Well, it’s about 18 inches up, which is longer than my arms can push. About 6 inches is all my arms are good for on a backwards lift up. Once up to that 6 or so inches I can then grasp something a bit higher, plus use the door frame to pull myself up the rest of the way till I’m standing, then I can pull my cart to me and kneel on it. Its hard work for a little while. Now you see why I like walking up, even backwards.

February 12th was another great day. Today was the first day I went outside, with my cart, and by myself. No wife around to lift my cart around for me. It is supposed to snow on the 13th. We have some ice melt stuff in the garage. It’s too heavy for my wife to lift. Nobody else in the house to order to do it. That would mean I get it. I Can’t carry my crutches AND the cart, so it’s going to be a cart only day. Upon riding the cart out of the door, an exercise in fear in itself whether going in or out. The cart going out is fronted out and the front end drops off the small step out of the kitchen door. It feels like you’re falling off. But, I didn’t. Now, out of the back door, and down the steps on my behind again. I pull the cart behind me, then lift it over my head and set it down on the patio. Then slide my self over the patio to the brick steps, still on my butt. Now lift the cart down onto the asphalt, position it so I can get my kneeling position quick and easy and set the brake. Now stand up and quickly get down on the left knee so little weight arrives on my knee. Undo the brake and easily ride on over to the garage. I lift up the garage door. Now, leaning down and getting this 20 bag of ice melt is going to be tricky. Can’t use the little basket on the front of the cart, might break it. Have to lay the icemelt down outside the garage, back the cart out and re-close the garage door. Now turn the cart around, pick up the ice melt in my left hand (right hand has the brake), and proceed for a few feet till the bag gets too heavy to carry while rolling along. Have to put it down. It isn’t really the weight, it’s the getting off balance from not being able to hold the bag in a tight place, but instead having to carry it out and away from my body. Finally, get back to the patio and toss the bag onto the patio. Now, back the cart up to the steps again, sit down, lift the cart back to the patio. Now get the icemelt back, slide myself back to the porch steps, bringing the cart with me. Lift the cart over my head and up onto the stoop, then back up the steps and lift the icemelt bag one step at a time. At the next to the top step, get to my feet, then get my knee up on the cart and I’m up! WHEW!! Lift the icemelt bag up and toss it on the porch. Whew, Whew!! Ride on back into the house and I feel like I’ve just done a full day’s work at hard labor.

I just had to write about that outdoors ordeal. To a person with two working legs, that would have been equal to about a 3 minute walk in the park. With one leg, it is an enduring exercise in perseverance.

Now is a good time to stop. I’ll get back again when there is something to report.

And More on the Florida Theater Shooting

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The following is in addition to the shooting in the Florida theater. presented a surveillance video that was shown in the courtroom during a two-day bond hearing. It is ongoing as this post is written. Attached is this video, fox theater shoot video. (If you cannot get this by clicking on the link, just copy and paste this web address - Now, when anyone watches this, you’ll have to listen to the reporter discussing the case. Then you see the video. Finally, Fox has a defense attorney come and analyze the video for viewers.

Anyone who read the first post knows the incident as well as the analyses. I’ll quickly go through the incident to bring readers up to speed for this post. The suspect and the victim were attending an afternoon showing of “Lone Survivor”. Both were males, both had their wives in attendance. The suspect was bothered by the victim’s texting on his (victim’s) cellphone. The suspect and victim had some words over this texting. Subsequently, the suspect reported the victim and his texting to the management. There is nothing in the news that management did anything about that. When the suspect returned from the report to management, he and the victim got into more words over the texting. The victim then throws a bag of popcorn on the suspect. The suspect sits down, and subsequently feels something hit him in the face. Feeling that he is being attacked, the suspect shoots the victim. The victim dies. The bullet that strikes the victim also strikes the victim’s wife in the finger. The suspect remains and is arrested inside the theater.

My analyses of the incident is that the suspect, Mr. Reeves reacted as a police officer would when under attack. Mr. Reeves is a male, 71 years old, and a retired police officer, retiring at captain’s rank. Mr. Reeves did everything in this incident lawfully and followed the use of force standard department regulations throughout this incident even though he is retired. A lifetime of law enforcement bring with it a great deal of restraint and following the law of the land as well as the rules of the department the officer was employed at.

Today I discovered that Foxnews was showing a video surveillance of the entire incident. I went to Foxnews and found the video. From news reporting, the video is not the entire incident, but did show the attack on Mr. Reeves. The video begins with the return of Mr. Reeves from reporting Oulson to the theater management and then Reeves sits down in his seat. This video was portrayed as being a surveillance video of the theater shooting involving Mr. Reeves & Mr. Oulson. Foxnews reported that the video had been shown at the bond hearing of Mr. Reeves which had been ongoing for the past two days. Foxnews also reported that some part of the statement that Mr. Reeves had given to the police had been shown at the bond hearing. Also, Foxnews reported that Mr. Oulson’s wife had testified at this same bond hearing. I observed her photo in which her hand had a bandage on it.

I watched the surveillance video. I found a few things out that I had not known before. I was under the impression that Mr. Oulson was behind Mr. Reeves. Not so, he was in front of him, in the next row of seats down. This means that his texting had to be so loud that Mr. Reeves was able to hear it even with Mr. Oulson’s body between he and Mr. Reeves. The video was dark, but human forms are able to be seen with a little more detail than just a form. I observed what Mr. Reeves said, and the victim’s wife testified was a bag of popcorn. Except that it wasn’t a bag at all, it was the definite hard shape of the box of popcorn sold at theaters. I saw no popcorn come out of the box. I also saw that Mr. Oulson did not throw the box at all, he delivered it, right to Mr. Reeves’ face! That means Oulson actually struck Mr. Reeves’ face with his (Oulson’s) hand. Not sure which one as it was under the box and it was too dark to see the hand being pulled back. It was also too dark to see the second strike that Mr. Reeves felt to his face. Subsequently, Mr. Reeves drew his handgun and fired.

I also listened to the testimony that Ms. Oulson gave at the bond hearing that was shown by Foxnews in this report. Ms. Oulson stated that she put her left hand on his chest and she said to her husband, “Don’t do it, it’s not worth it.”

I think, based on the surveillance video, as well as Ms. Oulson’s statement to her husband, that this proves that Mr. Reeves was following the law and the rules of the use of deadly force in this incident. Ms. Oulson told her husband not to do it, it isn’t worth it. She placed her hand on him to hold him back. We’ll never know what he was going to do since he was shot right after that. But this should indicate that Mr. Oulson was definitely intent on following up his attacks on Mr. Reeves, already, and his wife was trying to stop him. This also proves that Mr. Oulson had lost his temper, had attacked Mr. Reeves and was intent on following that attack up yet again. Mr. Oulson’s position at the time of the shooting was that he was facing Mr. Reeves. Ms. Oulson’s finger was shot because her hand was on her husband’s chest when Mr. Reeves shot him in the chest. All of this shows that Oulson is the primary aggressor in this incident and Mr. Reeves being much older than Mr. Oulson was acting on the reasonable belief that he was about to be further attacked. Mr. Oulson’s position when he was shot helps to prove that.

Analyses of the Tampa Officer’s Theater Shooting

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In January, Curtis Reeves a white male, 71 years old and a retired Tampa Florida police officer, shot Chad Oulson, white male, 43 years old and a finance manager for a motorcyle and powersports business. The article can be seen here from Foxnews on January 15, 2014. theater shooting .The incident occurred inside a movie theater in Pasco County, Florida. Pasco County is centered on the west bank of the state of Florida.

I thought, as a retired police officer, with 37 years of service, I could provide some light onto this incident and Mr. Oulson’s killing. This post is an analyzing of the incident from another retired police officer’s view. This post is not to say that Reeves was anything other than completely wrong in his actions. Of course one cannot shoot someone after an argument if you aren’t fearful for your life. What this article is arguing is that perhaps Mr. Oulson would be alive today if he had been more tolerant of Mr. Reeves request for him to stop texting in the theater.

In the Washington D.C. area that I reside in, local theaters show specific reminders on screen for movie watchers to turn their phone to vibrate, no calls, no texts etc., prior to a movie. One would believe that this is the usual theaters in other areas. Even if the theater didn’t do that, is texting ever so important that it can’t be foregone for a couple hours? Nothing has been noted in any news articles, on this subject, that Mr. Oulson had a personal emergency and was texting to solve the problem.

Essentially the way this incident went as follows:Mr. Reeves asked Mr. Oulson to stop texting in the theater during the movie. The men had some words back and forth. Mr. Reeves got up and informed the management. Upon Reeves return to his seat more words between the two of them because Mr. Oulson has not stopped texting and he doesn’t like it that Mr. Reeves told the management about him. Mr. Oulson, in a very childish move, throws his bag of popcorn at Mr. Reeves. More words between them. Mr. Reeves feels something hit him in the face. He feels he is being attacked and is fearful. Mr. Reeves draws his pistol and shoots Mr. Oulson who subsequently dies. Mr. Reeves also shoots Mrs. Oulson in the hand. Mr. Reeves is arrested onscene.

Let’s examine the actions of the participants in this debacle. Mr. Reeves hears texting behind him and doesn’t like it. In the Foxnews article, above, Mr. Reeves is purported to have asked a women in another movie he attended to stop texting as well. So we know texting bothers Mr. Reeves. Would it bother you if you were in the theater, and someone was texting behind you? Well, if the noises were turned down on the phone, no one would know that texting was in progress. So when Mr. Reeves said something to Mr. Oulson about stopping the texting, he had to have known from the noise, of the texting on the phone; perhaps the phone made a noise every time a text was sent either way. When Mr. Reeves asked Mr. Oulson to stop the texting, could Mr. Oulson have simply turned the noise off? Yes he could have. But he didn’t. We know that because Mr. Reeves and Mr. Oulson had some more words and then Mr. Reeves left and went to the management about the noise. Maybe Mr. Reeves told Mr. Oulson he was going to do that. The fact that Mr. Reeves went to the management indicates to me that Mr. Oulson did not apologize for the noise nor did he agree to turn it down or off so as not to further disturb Mr. Reeves.

Mr. Reeves returned from telling the management about the texting of Mr. Oulson. There is no indication in the article that the management took up Mr. Reeves problem and did something about it. Why would they? They aren’t the police. They have no enforcement power. The theater just can’t walk up to a paying customer and tell them they’re outta there, thereby taking another paying customer’s word as to a violation. So the theater most likely did nothing. Probably, since they already had words, Mr. Reeves began another conversation with Mr. Oulson to the effect that he had informed the management and they would be around to talk to Mr. Oulson directly.

Now we began to see what kind of a person Mr. Oulson is here. He is continually texting, even after several conversations with Mr. Reeves asking him to stop as it’s bothering him. Mr. Oulson is not the slightest bit respectful of Mr. Reeves age and the fact that at age 73, Mr. Reeves hearing has been damaged over the years. This hearing damage and errant little dings and other noises emanating from other locations causes Mr. Reeves to have real problems hearing the movie he has paid to see. Mr Oulson doesn’t care about any of this. In fact, when Mr. Reeves returns from his visit to management, he and Mr. Oulson have yet another conversation, and This time Mr. Oulson finalizes his disrespect to Mr. Reeves by throwing his bag of popcorn onto Mr. Reeves!

Up to then, this had been a verbal confrontation. Nothing further, just words. But when Mr. Oulson, in a fit of maximum testosterone output, decided to throw something onto Mr. Reeves, this racheted that little incident up to a criminal assault & battery. Yes, it’s a criminal incident to touch someone with your body in anger, or cause something else to touch that person. If you are into a confrontation with someone and deliberately touch that person with anything, it is a crime. Mr. Oulson committed the crime of assault and battery to Mr. Reeves when he threw the popcorn bag at him.

Now, consider this. So far, Mr. Reeves had held himself in. He began a conversation with a request, and due to Mr. Oulson’s refusal to stop doing something which was clearly bothersome to Mr. Reeves, Mr. Reeves went and informed the management. Mr. Reeves never made a threat, never put his hand on Mr. Oulson, in fact, all Mr. Reeves did up till now was talk to Mr. Oulson. It was Mr. Oulson who acting the fool, brought the conversation up to a confrontation and indeed, attacked Mr. Reeves!

So far, this talking and taking conversation to the next higher authority is exactly what Mr. Reeves as a police officer had been trained to do. The police are trained to talk first if possible. If that doesn’t work, then they go to a higher authority, perhaps a magistrate for a warrant. In this case, the theater management. Mr Reeves was the police for over 20 years. He has seen more, and done more real things, with real people, in excitement and calm than Mr. Oulson was likely to do if he lived to be a hundred years old. And in most of those 20 years, Mr. Reeves got things done through the by calmly talking to miscreants, of which, in this case, Mr. Oulson was one of. The Fox article states that Mr. Reeves had done this before, with asking someone else to stop texting. That was by talking and that worked out fine. The texting was stopped without further development. Mr. Reeves did nothing more than his training and career taught him to do all those years. He is not the person in this incident that did anything in violation of his training.

Following the throwing of the popcorn bag, according to the Foxnews article, Mr. Reeves sat back down in his seat. As a police officer, Mr. Reeves would know he had been criminally assaulted. He also knew that Mr. Oulson had upped this conversation to a confrontation and that, since he had, a possible further attack may be coming. Mr. Oulson has now shown his propensity to attack when there is no reason to attack. This makes me wonder how many other times he had done this? How many times how Mr. Oulson thrown his weight around in his business? How many times had he made fun of someone he considered less than him? How was his marriage….really? In this incident Mr. Oulson also showed zero amount of respect for Mr. Reeves age. This also makes me wonder what kind of a man this is, who would show no respect for an obviously elder person, so much so that he threw his whole bag of popcorn on him. This makes me believe that Mr. Oulson chooses his confrontations to his advantage. For example, would he have done the same thing with a large young man that asked him to stop texting? Probably not because if that had happened Mr. Oulson may have been struck by the large young man. This means Mr. Oulson did all of this deliberately so he could look good in his own eyes, or in his wife’s eyes. The name for this kind of person is – coward.

Now Mr. Reeves is sitting in his seat, covered in popcorn, knowing Mr. Oulson has upped this issue to a criminal attack. And the next thing that happens is that Mr. Reeves feels something strike his face. Now, he has already been attacked for no reason by Mr. Oulson, and now Mr. Oulson has thrown something at Mr. Reeves head. This is a sign to Mr. Reeves that Mr. Oulson has upped the assault to something far more deadly, and Mr. Reeves reacts exactly as his long learned training has taught him. Mr. Reeves draws his .380auto pistol and fires off two rounds in the protection of what he believes to be a deadly attack on his life. One shot is a center shot on Mr. Oulson, striking him in the chest. The other shot is off a little but removes any attack by the woman sitting beside Mr. Oulson, striking her in the hand.

So, who is really at fault here? Is it Mr. Reeves who reacts, at age 71 to an attack on his person that he cannot possibly stop by physical force alone? Or is it Mr. Oulson who decided one day to go from being a vague problem in a theater with the texting, just to bother some old man in front of him, to a cowardly attacker which costs him his life? Keep in mind that Mr. Oulson, at anytime could simply have stopped texting. Not only did he not stop texting, he increased the problem by having these continuing conversations with Mr. Reeves and continuing to text. Then, Mr. Oulson actually attacks Mr. Reeves person with the popcorn bag! And finally, in typical cowardly fashion, Mr. Oulson, throws something at the back of Mr. Reeves head which causes a long time police officer to believe he is being attacked in a deadly fashion and to react with deadly force.

Why would Mr. Reeves react that way? Because police officers are always taught to strike in places other than a person’s head as the person could be accidentally hurt badly. So officers are trained to strike the limbs or the torso with their defensive instruments, never the head. But the officer is also trained that if someone attacks the officer’s head, this is indeed a possible deadly attack and they should respond in kind to protect themselves from being killed.

This post is simply an analyses to those who read about this incident. Perhaps Mr. Reeves wasn’t justified in shooting Mr. Oulson, but ultimately, he reacted exactly as all his police training taught him. If this had remained a talking matter everybody would have gone home mad, but would have also gone home alive. But Mr. Oulson, as a disrespectful coward, had to turn it into an attack on Mr. Reeves and now Mr. Oulson is dead. I wonder if Mr. Oulson ever considered that youth does not necessarily make him right, or mightier. Probably not. Folks like Mr. Oulson only see themselves as winners, not dead.

Foot Ankle Surgery – past 10 days and Continuing

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Colace, Colace, Colace…….for those of you who have had surgery, you already know what Colace is. For you that haven’t had surgery, and since these are ‘G’ rated comments, Colace is to overcome the constipation of taking prescription medication, which stops patients up following surgery. The main reason I write about this today is that Colace has far reaching times. I stopped taking Colace about 4 days ago and it is Still going strong in me! I now am bathroom ridden at least 3, sometimes 4 times a day. I don’t eat much different than I was prior to surgery, just a good bit less as I am sitting a good bit more. But one would tend to think – less in, less out. Not true, and I lay that to the power of Colace! These posts are designed to give knowledge to all about recovery from surgery, so I thought I would include Colace as well since it is a part of most recoveries now.

Last night I had to go out and do something in the car. Upon arrival back home, the weather was super cold (10 degrees), and snow was on the ground. My method of getting from the car to the house is a little convoluted. I can’t use my cart to get up the steps. What’s done is I get up the first set of brick steps on my butt, then slide from the brick steps to the wood steps, a distance of about 5 feet. Then go up the steps on my butt to near the top, then turn around and get on the cart and roll on into the house. The problem last night was the cold. I discovered that my toes in my cast were cold enough to nearly develop frostbite in that short time I was out there. 10 degrees is very cold, and with a little wind, the chill factor was much colder. My toes stick out of my cast and the wind of course nips at them on the way by. I was outside, between the car and the house, about 15 minutes. Now, when Constance put my cast on, she covered my toes with a little toe cover. I still have it. A problem is that it comes right off. Indeed, last night, I left it in the car when I got out to go in the house. But, even if I had had it, the covering is very light weight, so my toes would still have near frozen. So I think electric sox may be the solution, or those ‘hot hands’ things that go inside your sox, or something else close.

Maybe an electric covering should be designed. Like, “Lectra Sox”, usually sold to hunters and those in the high North jobs. A problem with these particular sox is they have batteries attached at the top. That wouldn’t work, unless the batteries could be the flat, watch type battery. Regular batteries are too heavy. Now, “Hot Hands” or toe warmers wouldn’t work, because they would still be outside the cast. Can’t put anything inside, and why would you want to? The cold is on the outside of the cast! Still, some ingenuity here could probably get something to cover certain parts of the body for just this purpose, not just toes, and do without bulk or much additional weight. Since so many folks have this problem what with war veterans, and older people have joint replacements, I feel this could be a viable solution. Last problem would be how to attach the warmer, and I think the best way would be velcro strips. Just have to be careful in removal that the strips weren’t unattached from the cast on removal of the warmer. Now to get manufacturers to take an interest in doing it. It’s amazing what a fertile mind, when inactive, can come up with to have an interest in and to display in writing; isn’t it?

It is now January 30th. My wife and I had to get some gas. I decided to make do with crutches instead of taking my cart. It’s heavy and my wife has difficulty lifting it into the back of the SUV. I figured I could get out to the car using crutches only, even though I was a little fearful in using crutches going down, and back up the back stairs of my house. Truly, the hardest part of this adventure was getting out of the back storm door. there is a slight step, about four inches high that has to be negotiated to exit the kitchen. When one is motivating on crutches, every little bump in the road might as well be a cliff. At least it’s only a small cliff. I edged right up to my little cliff and opened the storm door. The drop-off is right in front of me. Well, only one way to do it. I put one crutch down, held a tiny bit of weight on my injured foot and dropped my ok foot down onto the porch. Forgot I had a shoe on, so it wasn’t as bad a drop-off as I had thought. Only had a small ache in my foot while transitioning to the uninjured foot. I quickly put my other crutch on the porch and was done with the drop. Whew!

Ok, now for the steps. I again got right to the edge of the top step. My thought was that I could use the crutches to swing myself forward and simply dip down to the first step down….so I lifted myself up, swung out, and attempted to do the drop. Nuh-uh!! I quickly found I couldn’t dip below the top of the crutch. I swung my feet back to the stoop and stood again. Next, I put both crutches together. I grasped the rightside rail by the steps, and again swung myself up, and out over the step. This put a little weight, again, on my injured (left) foot. But again not much. Bending my left knee, I dropped down onto the step, and then brought my injured foot along as well. Again, Whew!! Now I sat down, and bumped on down the steps on my butt, across the paved brick patio and threw my legs over to the asphalt of our driveway. I leaned on the end of the iron rail beside me, stood up and reclaimed my crutches. I crutched on over to the car and got in.

We went to the gas station…another minor problem to get the crutches out, get on them and on out to the gas filler, and filled’er up. Ok, got that done, then on back home. The real problem with doing this crutch thing is going outdoors when it’s 15 degrees and less. Bad to enough to worry about slipping and falling; but the slightest ding against a hard surface with a knuckle is a painful bark. Unlike hot weather, where you might not even notice the hit. When I shut the gas pump off and pushed the nozzle back into its proper location, I struck one of my knuckles on the back of my hand against the pump. Now, I’ve done this numerous times in hot weather and it’s hardly noticeable. Do that in the very cold, and it feels like you’ve maimed your hand!

We’re back home now; time to go back into the house. My wife suggested I should try going up the steps using the crutches. This is extremely frightening to me. It’s the thought of losing balance and falling either onto the brick, or down steps. But….the crutch way IS faster than the butt-bump up way. I used a warrior mentality learned from my relaxation teachings. Leaning against the iron rail at the brick steps, I placed my right crutch and right leg onto the first step up and pushed up with my right leg. It worked! I did it again and again and then I was up on the patio. Without being the slightest off-balance. Next, the four stairs to the stoop. Not quite so easy this time; Somehow I bent too far forward while placing my good foot up on the step and felt myself began to fall. To stop the fall, I stepped quickly forward with the good foot, leaving more weight on the injured foot than it should have it. I recovered from that very quickly due to the quick, sharp ache of the ankle. Even with the stiff cast on, additional weight is very quickly felt. Recovering from that step, I didn’t lean quite so far forward on the next three steps to the stoop. Even so, I left more weight on the injured foot than I wanted to, so I had that same ache every step. I believe the flex of the step, since it was wood, may have thrown off my equilibrium, causing me to try to bolster a perfectly qualified right foot with the injured foot, which of course caused the ache due to too much weight on the foot. But, finally got to the stoop on top of the steps. I brought both crutches up, and got on them. Getting back inside the back door was no problem at all. Going up a small step is nothing, only going down.

Stay tuned, the saga will continue.

Foot Ankle Surgery – 10 days and Going

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Ahhhh, I cannot BeGIN to tell you how aggravating a muscle cramp is when your foot is clamped inside of a cast! This morning I was on my cart in the kitchen, fixing to commit to a PTA bath. (You’d have to be a camping person, or a military person to know what PTA stands for. This is a G rated article, and PTA wouldn’t fit that!). While I was kneeling on the cart, the cramp hit my upper thigh on my ‘new’ – surgered ankle. Very painful. I quickly put my leg down, and deep breathed to calm the leg some. It worked.
After my bath, I was getting ready to get my new leg back on the cart and I suddenly had the cramp again, only this time it was inside the cast. What a unique, desperate, and hopeless feeling. The pain was intense, and I felt like I couldn’t do anything about this new cramp. I again straightened my leg out, put it down and attempted to relax again. Took a Lot longer this time. But finally it was over. Thankfully.
Tonight, while on the phone, once again I had a calf cramp. And once again I was able to get the cramp calmed down. My first thought was that I had sat too much today. Maybe so, except the first two were while I was standing. Next, I thought of my cast. It is definitely tighter to my leg than the first splint was. Guess I’ll wait to see if I have more of these and maybe return to the doctor’s office to see about an adjustment.
Today was Sunday, the day following the muscle cramps. Today, my foot decided to itch. If there is a choice, I would definitely rather have an itch than a cramp, but can I just have neither? Constance, in putting the cast on told me nothing goes inside the cast; no hangars, rulers, fingers, etc., to scratch an itch. If there was a persistent itch, I was to take Benadryl. Which may be fine for most folks, but the times in the past that I’ve taken Benadryl meant that I would be sleeping for the day. Benadryl runs my metabolism down to next to nothing. I already have super low blood pressure. Put the two together and what happens is wholesale sleep. So I didn’t take Benadryl. Fortunately, my wife fixed breakfast which took my mind off the itching and it went away.
Now we are in Monday, January 27th. Woke up to foot itching today. I bounced my foot around in the bed, but that was a futile attempt to stop the itching. I refuse to take Benadryl. Already said why. I would probably be asleep within 30 minutes after taking it. So I set about finding a way to – not itch. How to do that? I tried relaxation. It may be that I was too wide awake after having had a good night’s sleep. My body may not feel any good reason to return to the relaxation close to sleep. So, next thing, let’s be duplicitous. Let’s make the body believe there is itching somewhere else, scratch there and see what happens. I deliberately told my brain, out loud, that I had an itch on my neck. Next thing that happened was my neck had a small itch. Lying to my own brain. So I scratched the neck itch. PRESTO!!! It worked!! No itch in the cast!!! Since that moment, I have had no further itch inside my cast. It’s good to try an experiment that works.
What next – Well, when my cast was installed by Nurse Constance, she stated, unequivocally that this cast was a non-weight bearing cast. I didn’t realize until after I left the doctor’s office how hard the cast was. So I’ve been testing the cast since I had it. I find that I can twist my leg, and though my ankle has a small ache, there is no large pain as with my splint. I have also found that I can stand on two feet, although I can’t place weight to speak of on the cast, I can place my foot to touch the ground just for balance until I get my crutch or cart in the right place to work or ride someplace. I also find that even with a no weight bearing order, I can also put my cast down, for balance, and hustle over-top of the cast, while it’s on the ground, to get my full weight down, like to a chair or cart. So even though non-weight bearing, the cast is still useful for balance in my moving endeavors.
We live in a multi-floor house. Since this surgery we have been sleeping on the first floor, not the second as usual. We bought a little sofa that folds out to a bed and placed it in our enclosed porch. It’s a very comfortable little place. I might say, except for the cast, it’s more comfortable than my regular bed. A little lower than my regular bed but the alternate good thing is that I don’t have to stand in order to get in the bed. Standing being a bit difficult at this particular time.
The real reason for being this up about the multi-floor house is that yesterday I decided to go down to the basement to check on our furnace. We have radiators with a furnace which heats hot water and runs it through the radiators for heat. The night before, I could hear the furnace turning on and I was worried about stuff in front of the furnace that might catch fire. (When the furnace turns on, if a shield isn’t in front of it, fire flies out about 3 feet and nothing flammable should be in front of the furnace, hence my worry). I determined I would go check.
So this is the saga of getting into the basement to check for something. I am still fearful of walking with crutches. If I didn’t have to walk at all with them, I wouldn’t. Never get real brave or confident with crutches. One bad turn and you could go right over. I have the same issue getting started down the steps of the basement as I did getting started down the back outside steps as related on the January 23rd post. How am I going to take that first step? The difference is there are 13 basement steps. That’s a considerable longer distance to bump down if I fall! I decide to try the bathroom method. Sit on the commode, and then use my arms to lift myself down to the floor to sit. Nope, that isn’t the way, my arms aren’t long enough without dislocating my shoulders. So I have a toilet seat extension(does that sound funny? Or what?). It’s from my wife’s hip surgery. Put that on the floor. It’s about 4 inches tall. Now I can do the same maneuver as before and this time I’m successful! Now just slide onto the floor. Open the basement door, grab my crutches and begin the bumping along down the steps till I get about 3 up from the bottom. Now I can stand up, put myself into my crutches and I’m up! Success! I can’t begin to say how each little measure of progress causes me to feel better.
I crutch on around to the furnace and make sure there is no debris close by. Nothing there. Good. I wasn’t looking forward to trying to clean any stuff away from the furnace. So now, I’m in the basement anyway, I went ahead and made sure I could crutch over to anywhere else in the basement in case I wanted to come down here and do some work on some projects. I managed to get all the way around the floor, poked into some projects, sat down at a couple and moved things around, found chairs I could sit in, and generally had a pretty good time while there. In general though, this was to build confidence in getting around slightly confined spaces in case I wanted/needed to be in another part of the house.
Now to return to the first floor. First, sit down on the steps back to the first floor, at about the 3rd one up. I placed the crutches down beside me. I used my good foot to push me back up the steps, and pulled the crutches after me until I was all the way back to the top. Then I used the commode extender to get back up, then push on up to the actual commode, pull my little cart over and hop on.
This is good enough for now. More to come.

New Foot Surgery – Into the 2nd Week

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This is a blog on the recovery of foot/ankle surgery for me. Surgery was on January 14th. The first blog was published on January 23rd. This is the story of the 2nd week after surgery. This is important as tomorrow, January 23rd, the original splint is removed and a new, all-covering foot cast is installed for a longer time.
Tomorrow will be a happy day for me. I’ve had this splint on since the surgery. I have discovered that this splint seems to be attached, somehow, to my skin, and is movable. Especially when I get up to go somewhere. I believe there is an incision a little above my ankle, on the outside of the ankle. When I move enough, the splint moves downward of its own weight. The splint is evidently stuck to this incision because, when the splint moves, I can feel a quick, intense pain, like a cut right at that location described. I think the splint rips the incision open every time. A few times I’ve felt liquid run down my leg, though nothing came through the dressing, so I’m not positive. No matter how long, or how little I am still; when I get up, the splint moves and the feeling of being cut with a knife is immediate. My hope is that the new cast will end this quick pain and I can go about getting around without being anxious if I’m going to be in pain when I move again.
I had a doctor’s appointment today, the 22nd. It snowed during the night of the 22nd and the weather was below frigid, at about 10 with wind chill down to below zero. I was frightened of going out in this cold. With this oversized cast on, I cannot get any kind of long underwear on over the cast, nor insulated pants, or any other kind of insulation for my legs. I thought it was fortunate that it snowed. I called the doctor’s office this morning. They said the streets were not plowed so they reset my doctor appointment to Thursday, the 23rd, in the afternoon. A friend came by today and cleaned the snow off the driveway. So I’m good to go tomorrow. Now I don’t have to think about the cold. All I have to consider now is whether I’m going to slide down the steps to the driveway or fall down the steps. Guess I can think about that fun time when it’s time to go.
Now it’s the 23rd of January and I did go to the doctor today. It was cold outside. I was very worried about getting down my 4 wood steps, then down my 2 brick steps, then getting into my SUV for the ride. At the last minute I figured out that I could drive. So I carted myself out of the house onto the wood stoop outside my porch. Amazingly, the wood steps were completely cleared of snow! I got off my little cart and decided I would keep the cart behind me and pull it down behind me. Now to sit down on the steps. Well, that’s a little difficult since I only have one foot to stand on. How to step down with one foot if the other foot can’t have any weight on it? I grabbed the rails beside the steps and attempted to hold myself up while stepping down. Bad move, I near fell. I stepped back up, tried again. Same result. Next, I remounted the cart, and stepped down one step. Success!! I stepped off the cart and sat down on the top step and bumped my way on down the steps, dragged the cart behind me. Then slid on my butt over to the brick steps and swung my legs over, stood up, and remounted the cart that my wife had placed there. Walked over to the car, backed up, opened the door, got in. WHEW!!!
I was very worried about driving to the doctor’s office. I believed I may not be able to drive with my foot in a cast, thinking it would be too large to fit inside the driver’s area. But….I fit! And I drove! Not much to say about that, we arrived, parked and carted on into the doctor’s office.
We were escorted into the doctor’s office. Nurse Constance, a 27-year veteran of this job, removed my splint. Then removed my tape over my incisions. I noted with interest that the back of the splint had a lot of dried blood at the lower area and the heel. Constance advised me that I had an incision on the back of my calf. Now, I didn’t know that from the doctor, and I couldn’t see it, but I figured it due to the blood and the pain of the scab being pulled off when my splint moved up and down my leg. I felt good about being right about believing there was an incision there even though I didn’t know it till Constance pointed it out.
I took photos of my affected foot showing incisions on both sides. I couldn’t get to the incision on the back of my leg, or my heel so I don’t have photos of those locations but here is my foot with the splint off.

left side of left foot

left side 1 week after surgery

right side one week after surgy

right side one week after surgy

Constance advised me that my stitches would self dissolve. As I commented to Constance, that’s a happy thing to know. After my first ankle surgery, the stitches were removed by a nurse. The pain was searing when the stitches were removed as they had not completely closed so it was still live skin that the wire was passing through. Whew!! I can feel still feel that unique pain with a shiver as I write this.
I discussed the leg lift exercises with Constance that my therapist, Jorge, had suggested. Constance agreed wholeheartedly even mentioning the exact exercises that Jorge had told me to do. So I’m set for exercising now.
After removal of all the covers over my incisions, Constance had the X-ray tech come in and take some photos of my ankle. Next, I saw Dr. Cuttica and he showed the x-rays. I didn’t ask for the x-rays. Perhaps next time. The x-rays showed that I had two ‘wedges’ as Dr. Cuttica said. Doctors didn’t use cadaver bone to hold things together inside the foot, instead using these wedges which were about 8mm X 6mm. One was holding a pin in on side of my foot, the other was holding some hardware installed in my foot. It was very cool to look at these things, knowing they were inside my foot to make it better and yet I could feel nothing there. Dr. Cuttica advised that today a cast would be put on my foot. Three weeks hence, that cast would be removed, and another one placed on the foot. The next one would also be on for three weeks.
Dr. Cuttica left and Constance returned to put my new cast on. I selected a red outside covering. That’s because camouflage is no longer made. The red is bright and I like it. Constance determined that my foot would be cast at 90 degrees to my leg. This was not comfortable. It freaking hurt to have my ankle in this position and my foot in this much more acute angle than it had been in the splint! But it had to be done. And about 20 minutes later, after holding in position, the cast was done. We left the office, made another appointment and left. I carted myself back to the car and left. Enroute home I treated myself to a chocolate milkshake for getting through this. This is what my new cast looks like.IMG_1731 Bright isn’t it?
By the way, I just discovered that if you would like to see these photos closer, click them twice. When the next photo comes up, click it, then at the following one, click that. Pretty amazing how close the photo gets.
Once back home, I realized my ankle, on the right side of the affected ankle, hurt. The place were the incision on my leg was, also hurt. I took a pain pill, put ice on my new cast, and sat down. A bit later, I went on to bed.
Nothing like sleeping the whole night through with the aid of one little pain pill!! It is now Friday, January 24th. Today is 10 days after my surgery. Today is the last day I am required to take an aspirin to thin my blood. The purpose of that was the prevention of blood clots.
Same as yesterday, my ankle aches on the right side of my foot. I haven’t take a pain pill for it. I’m hoping just keeping the cast above my heart and in a certain neutral place will ease the aching. If not, I suppose another pain pill will get me throught the rest of the day and night, though I’d rather not do that.
I did some leg lift exercises and that had a good effect on reducing the aching in my foot. If that’s all it takes then I guess I’ll have some fine muscles by the time I get the next cast on! I’ll be doing leg lifts the majority of the day!
This is the end of this update. More to come!

New – Foot/Ankle Surgery & Recovery

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Prior to writing this new saga on my ankle, I read my last notation on May 13, 2013 about the left knee surgery. In that post, I was having grave difficulties with my right knee buckling and causing great pain during a shotgun shooting round.

I also need to note that in July, while on vacation, I fell down some steps and landed on the side of my left knee. From that day till my ankle surgery, I had swelling on the front of the knee. The swelling had previously been on the left side of the knee. The swelling was moved over from the force of the fall.

I set up the surgery for the other knee. Unfortunately, between that day and the day of the surgery, my ankle and foot collapsed and became a far more painful problem than the knee. Later yet, in November, I was hunting in West Virginia. While walking, something moved inside my foot and I was instantly in serious pain. I could hardly walk. I was satisfied that the choice of ankle surgery over knee surgery was the right thing to do.

On January 14th, the ankle surgery was done by Dr. Daniel Cuttica of the Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Center. This newest surgery is according to the surgeon, minor surgery on the left ankle and foot. The surgery was to repair several issues on my foot and ankle on the left side. These issues were: repair of the left tibia tendon, stretch the Achilles tendon, reshape the foot with an arch. The methods of this repairing were to break the heel on the left foot, cut the Achilles tendon, incise the foot in two location on the top, pull the tendons on the bottom of the foot, drill holes in the back of the foot’s bone and push the tendons in separate holes. The point of all of this was to make the foot into a normal foot by pulling the Achilles tendon down and reattaching it to the heel with a screw. This fix, alone, will pull the foot into having an arch. The tendons in the holes in the bottom of the foot were to relieve tension on these tendons from the flat foot problem. The breaking of the heel is to realign the foot so it is shaped correct like a normal foot. After all this is done, considerable time in a splint, then a cast is required before a walking boot is issued and physical therapy begins. The recovery time prior to the walking boots could be as long as two months. Here are some graphics showing some parts of this surgery.

PTT surgery

PTT surgery

. My thanks to Certified Medical Illustrations for their permission to use their illustration on this article. See their website here. medical illustrations If the hyperlink isn’t working for you, just copy/paste the site shown here:

I thought readers might like to see the medical explanations for the surgery. The Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Center of Washington D. C.,2922 Telestar Ct Falls Church, VA. was where I was diagnosed. They were nice enough to allow me the use of a part of their web site to medically describe what problem my foot had.ankle surgery Click to read about it. If your hyperlink doesn’t work, copy and paste their site as shown here:

In 2006, I had this same surgery on my right foot. Following the surgery, I had a considerable reaction to the post-surgery medication and had to go to the emergency room two separate times. This caused great consternation to me upon finding out I was having this same surgery to my left ankle. Generally speaking, I used relaxation techniques and meditation to relieve this stress for the upcoming surgery. I had learned and used these techniques through the years for other stressful times. Knowing relaxation techniques are very helpful in calming oneself prior to any upcoming stress.

I also used prayer. I have used prayer to calm myself, or to get thru various life situations since I was a little boy. My mother and grandmothers were my early life teachers. A lot of their teaching was on religion and how much prayer helped them in circumstances beyond their control, or helped them make correct decisions on situations within their control. I could go on and describe many times where I relied on prayer. Perhaps in another posting I’ll describe those times. Suffice to say that prayer assisted me with calming before the surgery, at the surgery, nearly at the moment of anesthesia, and following the surgery. Relying on God, a power above all known human power to assist one into calmness is a far more reaching relaxation than relying on one’s own small brain to do it.

In the first surgery, to my right foot/ankle, the recovery time was nearly exactly two months. Recovery time means the foot is encased in a cast to the knee, but not over the knee. No weight is allowed on the problem foot. Mobility is with crutches, or a special little cart made for foot and ankle recoveries.

ankle surgery cart

ankle surgery cart

Anyone who has ridden or driven in their childhood’s little red wagon is immediately familiar with how to operate this cart. Those unfamiliar with the cart might take a couple minutes to be a competent driver. The hardest part of using the cart is getting on and off of it. But it is still far better than crutches and far safer as well. With the cart, the operator’s weight is over 4 level wheels with a brake. Crutches depend on the adeptness of the user to stay on balance. If the user is off balance there is nothing that will prevent a fall, which could cause further injury. About the only bad thing with the cart is it is awkward to carry in a car.

On the first ankle surgery and after recovery time, I received a walking boot and began therapy. I believe therapy was about 3 months at 3 days a week. There was a very large problem when the cast was removed, and the walking boot attached: my calf muscle had atrophied so bad it look like a leg from a POW. I had zero muscle left. Not only would I have therapy, I also had to rebuild my entire calf muscle! This muscle rebuilding took far longer than the therapy took. What this meant was that when the therapy was complete, I still didn’t have a good calf muscle. How is calf muscle evaluated? According to the surgeon, when the rehabilitation is complete, the patient should be able to lift his body by pushing up on the toes of the affected foot. It’s the calf muscle accompanying the foot that does the lifting. It took me about 3 years to be able to do this. It’s been 7 years since my first ankle surgery. I still cannot do this on demand. Meaning, I cannot show this lift without preparing to do it by first stretching my ankle and pushing several times.

So what to do about this calf muscle issue? I asked my physical therapist that did my knee replacement therapy about exercises to make sure this didn’t happen again. A handy thing about physical therapists is that they are knowledgeable about every part of the body and can give exercises to help a patient on any exercise subject. My therapist, Jorge, advised me to do leg lifts in all directions. That is: standard leg lifts while lying on the back, leg lifts while lying on the unaffected side and raising the affected foot up and lying on my stomach and raising the leg backward. The point of this was to build up the muscle around my knee and have my calf muscle stay the same, or even build a little more. I understood building the muscle around the knee. I did that during knee replacement surgery. According to my therapists I recovered from that quicker than normal. I figured that was because I do a lot of leg weight lifting at the gym and had a lot of muscle prior to the knee surgery. Whatever the reason, I determined to do these leg lift exercises during my recovery time.

The first day after this newest ankle surgery was a complete fog. Even though, when I awakened following the surgery, I was only kept in the recovery room for about another hour or two. On returning home, I had assistance from my wife and daughter, and her boyfriend to get back into my home. I had rented a wheelchair which was a great assistance. My last surgery found my two sons having to lift me up the 5 steps into our house and place me in a recliner chair. Even though they ate their Wheaties every day, that was an overpowering lift test for them. This time I got into the wheelchair by sliding out of the vehicle I was in, and settled in. My help pulled me into the house on the wheelchair and I got myself into a bed/chair that my wife & I had purchased prior to the surgery. This bed on the first floor was so I could stay on the first floor of our house. After the first surgery, I wanted nothing to do with climbing stairs in a fog. Nothing like pre-planning after knowledge of a previous disaster. The reentry into the house and into the bed was easy. The day ended in success and calmness rather than the last chaos.

This is the first post of more posts on the recovery from this surgery.

God’s Interviewing Skills

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I wrote this as a introduction to an interviewing article awhile back. It’s humorous and I thought it would be interesting reading for folks that read this blog. Please don’t think of this as blasphemous. It is certainly not my intention. It’s just another way of looking at the study of interviewing skills.

God’s Interviewing Skills
Prior to this discussion of interviewing by the police, a review of history is necessary. This review will show that prior to the organization of modern police departments in the United States, there was no effective interviewing by police. One reason for that was that prior to 1829, there were no organized police departments, anywhere in the world. Law enforcement prior to Sir Robert Peele’s organization of the London Police Department, in 1829 was relegated to whoever held the power of the country at the time. In short, the ruler of the day was the sole form of law enforcement prior to Peele’s police. In that scheme of law, the military of the ruler of the land was also the enforcer of the law of the land. The problem with that kind of law enforcement is that no interview is necessary, the violated is brought to the ruler: The ruler makes the decision of the moment, and the enforcement is carried out by the military.
As will be shown in the following chapters, the rules or laws were very restrictive, and also very detailed. The 10 Commandments were the very first known written laws. The Code of Hammurabi was possibly the next form of written law.
The Code of Christianity was a form of unwritten law on the treatment of people, though not adhered to by the Romans, rulers of that timeframe. But Christianity is important history as this began a way of looking at attackers differently, as well interviewing of anyone by a higher power prior to any action. This timeframe was also the time period of the most infamous interview of all time; this was the interview of Christ before crucifixion.
The point of these chapters of history is to show how far interviewing by police has come since the time of zero interviewing, to modern times. A mere 170 years has brought interviewing by uniform police in America to astounding heights and outstanding performance in technique. In this present timeframe in history, even with the weight of considerable precedent of the past 200 years of U.S. Supreme Court decisions, police in this country have more interviewing power than our soldiers fighting a war in Iraq.
Let’s proceed onto our history lesson to begin this research.

I. Who interviewed Cain?

Prior to getting to this very first actual known crime, murder,
Let’s return to the actual first disobedience which was when Eve, then Adam ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. This was a sin against God’s order though not a crime as nothing was actually gained from the deed. However, a bit later in the day, after the deed was done God was walking through the garden. As all good observers do, God noticed something different about the two. He noticed they had knitted fig leaves because after the eating, they noticed they were naked. God decided to do something about that. This observance is a trait of all quality interviewers; that they observe all, rather than simply see the world around.
So God noticed this change; that Adam and Eve were now dressed, so to speak, in a fig leaf covering. And God interviewed both of them. According to Genesis Chapter 3, God said, “[8] And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden.
[9] And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?
[10] And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.
[11] And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?
[12] And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.
[13] And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” (KJV, Genesis 3)
So God, after the interview, made an instant decision of punishment toward both Adam & Eve, and also the serpent that got them into this mess in the first place. And that was actually the first interview by a ruling person.

The next part of this chapter is Cain murdering his brother Abel. The first crime. Essentially the reason for the killing is because God accepted the offering of Abel, but not Cain. Cain was angry about this, and murdered Abel out of jealousy. Again, God knew something was amiss and interviewed Cain about the deed. According to Genesis chapter 4, God said to Cain, “[9] And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?
[10] And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.” (KJV-Gen.4). Now God, being the Supreme Being, already knew about Abel’s death at Cain’s hands. But, again like a good interviewer, God asked Cain questions to see if he would either admit the crime, or have something to say about it. As can be read, not only did Cain not admit the deed, but he lied about it completely! So God put Cain outside of his family entirely in another place where he would be exiled forever. Not the death penalty, but away from his mother and father forever. Surely a terrible punishment in a time of few people.
This is the mark of a quality interviewer seeking the truth. The interviewers either see a deed occur or investigate a deed. Sometimes action has to be immediately taken, sometimes not. Either way, interviews always take place to get what actually occurred in the target’s mind which precipitated the incident. This then gets passed on to the next higher authority and a proper decision on punishment, can be better meted out.
This quality is shown in God, the Supreme Ruler of Earth at the time. Frequently, in modern studies, the Old Testament is shown as the punitive part of the Bible. Shallowly speaking, it is. But a more thorough study of the Old Testament, and God’s actions find him to be a rather benevolent being who only punishes when it appears that nothing else will do to cure problems of sin.
God uses the men of the day to forward the message of God that people should be good. Then, if the messages are ignored, God does punish, sometimes the world, sometimes a city, sometimes simply a few. One example of this is the flood, as seen in Genesis ch 6, after a couple thousand years had passed, God said to Noah, “[13] And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.
[14] Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch.
[15] And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.
[16] A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it.
[17] And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.
[18] But with thee will I establish my covenant; and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons’ wives with thee.
[19] And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female.
[20] Of fowls after their kind, and of cattle after their kind, of every creeping thing of the earth after his kind, two of every sort shall come unto thee, to keep them alive.
[21] And take thou unto thee of all food that is eaten, and thou shalt gather it to thee; and it shall be for food for thee, and for them.
[22] Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he.
[1] And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation.
[2] Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female.
[3] Of fowls also of the air by sevens, the male and the female; to keep seed alive upon the face of all the earth.
[4] For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.” (KJV-Gensis 6 & 7).
There is no indication prior to this dissertation to Noah that God had done any interviewing of any of the people on Earth that were aggravating him so much. Approximately 80 years elapsed between God’s original commands to Noah and when the Ark was completed and all the animals were gathered and entered into the Ark. There is no further mention of any talk, even to Noah. Noah gets everything together, and the Ark built, the world is destroyed, and only Noah and his immediate family, son’s and their families are left to begin anew.
The next instance of interviewing is in the destruction of the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. God came to Abram, later known as Abraham, and told Abram that these two cities had surpassed what God thought was wickedness and God had decided to destroy both cities and kill everyone there. (KJV, Gen.19). However, Abram had a good friend in the city named Lot. Lot had his family in Sodom as well. Abram actually negotiated with God not to destroy the city of Sodom if Abram could find some good people in the city. The conversation between Abram and God was that God told Abram if he could find 50 good people in the city, he would not destroy it. Abram evidently knew he was going to lose this endeavor and negotiated with God not to destroy the city if Abram only found 10 good people. God agreed with that. Unfortunately for the cities, Abram could only find Lot and his wife and a couple others, so God destroyed the city and everyone in it save Lot and his immediate family. Even then, Lot’s wife looked back at the city when they were leaving and God turned her into a pillar of salt. (KJV, Gen.19 vs.26). Still, God did listen to Abraham prior to the destruction, then made his decision after Abraham attempted to find a mere 10 good people in the city but couldn’t.
There are many examples of God interviewing the family of Abraham following the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah. These examples include God interviewing women as well who are members of Abraham’s family and descendants. (Gen. Ch.20-39). This is commented on because some would say that the Old Testament of the Bible is male only oriented. Not true. But, the Bible has to be read in order to know this.
The next major person used by God was Moses, who figures greatly in a lot of action, some miracles by God, and also by God through Moses. Some of this action was following interviews by God to Moses, some not. The story of Moses can be found in the Old Testament in the book of Exodus (meaning “departure” or “out-going”). (Wikipedia) Moses, the reader may remember, was placed in water while an infant by his biological mother and floated down to the Pharaoh’s daughter who was bathing in this same body of water at the time. The Pharaoh’s daughter took Moses in and raised him as virtually the Pharaoh’s own grandson.
However, Moses one day rescues a Hebrew slave from a beating and in doing so, kills his Egyptian master. Moses has to flee from the Pharaoh for his own safety and does so, to Midian where he marries one of Jethro’s daughters while he hides out from the Pharaoh, in Jethro’s home. Jethro being a priest in the area.
In Exodus 3, God burns a bush that isn’t consumed by the fire while Moses is in the neighborhood tending sheep. Moses stops to look and God interviews Moses, basically for the job of removing the Israelites from slavery to the Pharaoh. Now Moses is a natural for this job because being raised in the Pharaoh’s home, Moses knows the in’s and out’s of both the royalty, as well as the slaves in Egypt. No one else has this knowledge of both royalty and slaves, so no one else could have done the job. One could say this is simply being in the right place at the right time coincidence. One could also debate that Moses was born, and bred for the job. This would make an interesting argument in either case.
There is an interesting interview between Moses to God. Moses actually interviews God when God wants him to go to the Israelites to free them. Moses is quite worried that no one will believe him to be a messenger from God and so wants to know how he is going to prove he really is this messenger and deliverer. After a lengthy interview, God endows Moses with some ability to perform miracles. God turns Moses shepherd’s rod into a serpent and back to a rod again in Exodus ch,4 vs 2-4. A verse later, God has Moses put his hand inside his clothes to his chest and turns his hand into an obvious leprosy, disease covered hand. The next verse, God heals this same hand. Another verse later, God tells Moses when he arrives and Israelites still don’t believe, Moses should remove water from the Nile and pour it on the ground and the water will turn to blood. God told Moses that should do the job on the disbelieving issues with the Israelites.
Moses did that and the Israelites believed, but when Moses went and spoke to the Pharaoh about letting the Israelites go, the Pharaoh resisted and set about making things more difficult for the Israelites. Moses returned to God and God advised Moses to warn the Pharaoh that if he did not allow the Israelites to leave Egypt, God would bring the 7 plagues to Egypt. Moses returned to the Pharaoh and told him this story. The Pharaoh disbelieved and the plagues came to Egypt.
Still, the Pharaoh resisted the release of the Israelites. So God advised Moses to tell the Israelites to kill a lamb and spread the lamb’s blood on the front door stoop. Then God, in a night of terrible destruction “passed-over” the protected doors of the Israelites but killed every other first born son of every Egyptian parent, including the Pharaoh’s first born son. ( [7] And they shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses, wherein they shall eat it….it is the LORD’s Passover.
[12] For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the LORD.
[13] And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt.
[14] And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to the LORD throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever.) (Exodus 12: vs 7-14). To present, Passover is a Jewish holiday.
If the reader read the book of Exodus, nowhere in the book is there an interview by God of the Pharaoh personally. Nowhere, does God come to the Pharaoh and make these demands face-to-face. No, God uses Moses to act as go-between to attempt to get the Pharaoh to simply let the Israelites leave Egypt without further ado. The Pharaoh is apparently not one to believe that which he cannot see personally and disbelieves Moses. But, following the Passover, the Pharaoh is overcome with grief and allows the Israelites to leave Egypt. This technique used by God in interviewing Moses, shows yet another technique used by quality interviewers; that of getting other people to do the footwork, then making a decision in the background on the outcome when the REAL problem does not do the right thing. This is demonstrated by the Pharaoh in not doing the right thing which results in maximum destruction to Egypt’s sons by God’s hand. This is a technique used by police in interviews to set up sting operations. The police talk to all the participants except the suspect and set up an available decoy. The suspect does what is expected of him/her and attacks the decoy, and then is arrested. God is just a bit more effective, and efficient than humans are about this technique.
Last, in one more spectacular act, God annihilates the Pharaoh and his army while protecting the Israelites after they crossed the Red Sea. Exodus ch.14 says that God told Moses the following instructions: (19] And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them:
[20] And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night.
[21] And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.
[22] And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left.
[23] And the Egyptians pursued, and went in after them to the midst of the sea, even all Pharaoh’s horses, his chariots, and his horsemen.
[24] And it came to pass, that in the morning watch the LORD looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians,
[25] And took off their chariot wheels, that they drave them heavily: so that the Egyptians said, Let us flee from the face of Israel; for the LORD fighteth for them against the Egyptians.
[26] And the LORD said unto Moses, Stretch out thine hand over the sea, that the waters may come again upon the Egyptians, upon their chariots, and upon their horsemen.
[27] And Moses stretched forth his hand over the sea, and the sea returned to his strength when the morning appeared; and the Egyptians fled against it; and the LORD overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea.
[28] And the waters returned, and covered the chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them.
[29] But the children of Israel walked upon dry land in the midst of the sea; and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left.
[30] Thus the LORD saved Israel that day out of the hand of the Egyptians; and Israel saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea shore.)

II. The First Law – The 10 Commandments.
[3] Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
[4] Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:
[7] Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.
[8] Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
[12] Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.
[13] Thou shalt not kill.
[14] Thou shalt not commit adultery.
[15] Thou shalt not steal.
[16] Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
[17] Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.
(Exodus 20, vs 3-17)
It is interesting to note that as far as crime goes, which is essentially the subject matter of this research, that the Commandments only address a few crimes. Simply put, only cursing, killing, adultery, and stealing are commented on in the 10 Commandments. The rest are attitudes which, taken in a literal religious way, might tend to lead one into the commission of the crimes forbidden. For example, adultery could lead to murder, as could coveting another’s possessions. Many homicides have been committed over jealousy.
The 10 Commandments came from God, using Moses yet again as his emissary of good deeds. God, in hearing the whining of the Israelites, and seeing them begin to worship other images than God, used Moses once more to try and convince the Israelites to do the right thing by giving them a set of rules to follow. Moses went to Mt. Sinai at God’s request and God gave Moses the tablets where the 10 Commandments were written.
The 10 Commandments were the first known to be documented written rules for people to follow. They were written for the Israelites to follow, but in generations of other races, and religions, countless others have followed the rules of the 10 Commandments for ages as simply easy rules to follow in life.
Notice the detail in the rules when reading them. Notice also, the absolute of the rules. It is not in the author to attempt analyze God’s intent. However, God, as a Supreme Being, must have realized that the Israelites were not the brightest light bulb in the package, so to speak. That is an easy analogy. If they had been, ANY of the miracles used by God to free them, Especially the Passover and the dividing of the Red Sea miracles, would’ve been enough to assure even a VERY stupid person that God is truly all powerful to make people do anything his Being thought best! But again, God is being benevolent in using Moses to bring rules to the Israelites, rather than simply killing a bunch and telling them what to do. Perhaps God’s thinking was that he brought them from slavery and does the killing absolutes would be simply another form of slavery.
The absolute of the rules leaves no analogy. These rules are meant to be certain things that are simply not done so as to further the good lives of the people adhering to these rules. But still, in not being an angry God and arbitrarily killing off a few Israelites, God is allowing them to make their own decisions. This was the original intent of God in the creation of humans; that they rule the Earth and have their own will power. [26] And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. (Genesis 1, vs 26). “[22] And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil:” (Gen3, vs22).
The 10 Commandments do not relate to interviewing except in a backwards manner. Moses was interviewed by God and then given the Commandments. However, due to the absolute manner of the Commandments themselves, considerable freedom could be taken by corrupt dictatorial rulers as to punishment of the violators, or alleged violators of the Commandments. Throughout history, both ancient, and modern, those who have viewed the Commandments as their only value system have managed to cause the killing of millions through their twisted use of the Commandments. According to those, no interviewing need be done; a simple accusation of a violation is all that is necessary. Frequently, torture was used to extract a confession through the pain of the torture, then a lengthy execution process was done to assure all that the right thing was done.

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Knee Surgery – Forward

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I’ve been remiss. I noticed my last post on this subject was on March 13. It has now been 76 days since my knee surgery on January 21st. This is the continuing saga of my recovery until return to 100% knee usage.

As stated in other previous posts, one of my reasons for having this surgery was to return to rifle shooting correctly. On March 17 I competed in a high power rifle silhouette match. I won part of that match. My replaced knee did not hurt at all.

I am getting close to the end of therapy. Jorge has set up two more therapies and both he and Liz have measured my range of motion recently. Jorge got my knee to bend at 125 degrees, and this past Thursday Liz got it to bend at 127 degrees. Their goal was to get the bend at 120 degrees! I’m there!! I can also straighten my leg completely out so it is flat, or even if the heel is raised somewhat, I can stretch the leg so it bends backward some. Jorge & Liz are introducing new exercises to regain leg strength to go with the range of motion. Jorge said that the therapy is to bring my range of motion back to 100% or beyond what it was prior to the surgery. He also commented that the strength will have to be worked out by me after therapy ends.

Recently, I noticed that I am having some difficulty and achyness going up stairs, coming down stairs, getting out cars, especially on the driver’s side, squatting & returning to standing, and in general, things that require bending the knee and returning upright.

This evening I went to a viewing of a friend who used to work at the PD and then at the Sheriff Department. I arrived there around 6:20 and left at about 7:30. I stood the entire time I was there. By the time I left, my right knew was nearly to the point of not being able to function. The right knee is the knee which has not been replaced. My left knee, on the other hand, was slightly achy, but only when it was severely bent getting back into my car to go back home.

Another thing that is bothersome is I feel like I’m not quite on balance. I can walk. I can turn. But I am not easily able to walk and turn. For example, to turn my body to enter the car, before surgery I could step on the ball of my foot and turn 90 degrees then step forward into the car, and bring my left foot in afterwards. Now, so far, it’s difficult to get in and out. I have not done the ball of the foot & turn since the surgery. When stepping into the car, my right knee aches. After stepping in with right foot, and sitting (which is now a relatively slow process), I then attempt to drag the left foot in while lifting it up over the floor. This is an achy proposition at this time.

Now, all of this may seem like I’m whining. Not so. This is a blog to all who read so they might know my feelings as I recover from knee surgery. It’s also for myself so when I get my right knee done I’ll already know the facts of recovery and what to expect. I am trying to show that not everything is peaches and roses during the recovery. Even though this surgery has been a great change from a knee which was near useless to be able to do things I wanted to do, it has not been simply a surgery and off I go living happily ever after with no pain. Not quite true, but almost.

I guess this is why Jorge commented that I would be 100% in about 6 months to a year.

The saga continues….

Knee Surgery – Day 2 after

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This is the 2nd day after partial knee surgery on my left knee. I had the surgery on Monday January 21, 2013 at Mr. Vernon Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia. I wrote about the day of the surgery in the first blog. The 2nd blog was about Day 1 after the surgery. This is the 3rd blog about Day 2 of the surgery. I plan to continue this blog until I am at 100%, in my own opinion.

Day 2 is better than Day 1 in that going up steps is easier. I make it up my 13 inside steps to my second floor without any mishap. There is some pain, but thru the wonders of medication, perseverance and that I KNOW this will be better fairly soon makes the climb much more bearable. I spend a lot of the day walking around my first floor with my movable device. Jorge commented and wrote on my therapy exercises on Day 1 that I should walk more, ice more and do the exercises.

The exercises are as follows: (1) Lie down, left leg straight out. Maneuver the left foot to maximum degrees in circular ranges. Do this 30 to 50 times.
(2) Lie down, or sit down, left leg straight out. Put some kind of strap around the foot. Pull the left leg straight back so the knee bends. The instructions say until a slight stretch is felt. Jorge says until I can’t stand it. Hold for 5 seconds. Lower leg back to straight out. Do this 10 – 30 repetitions. So far, I can’t do more than 15. Very painful beginning to end.
(3) Sit on edge of chair, left leg down. Lift leg to straight out. If muscles are weak, then assist leg with the right leg until straight out. Hold for 5 seconds. Do 10 – 30 repetitions. So far, I’ve not been able to do more than 10 repetitions. However, I began this exercise not being able to move my left leg with the left leg muscles at all. Now, after 2 days of exercise, I can get the left leg up more than 45 degrees toward straight, so I know the exercise is working!
(4) Left leg straight out, best done sitting up. Using the quad muscles around the knee only, straighten the leg and press down till completely straight with back of knee flat on the table/bed. Hold 5 – 10 seconds. Do 10 – 30 repetitions. This is also a cumulative progressive exercise. Day 1 I could not even bunch these muscles. Day 2, until Day 2 therapy I had to help the knee down and it was soooo painful. I could do no more than three at a time. Day 2 therapy session and the therapist showed me exactly what to do. I was able to use my quads to do 8 of these exercises and hold the leg straight with my quad muscles alone. Since then, I’ve progressed more and more reps as well as length of hold down with the quad muscles. So far, I’ve been unable to do more than 15 reps for this exercise, but I know things will be better as time continues.
(5) Lie down flat. Same as exercise 2, except without the strap, and also release the leg and allow to slowly go forward to straight, same as exercise 4, again, without the strap, or hand assist. Hold for at least 5 seconds. Do 10 – 30 repetitions. The most painful exercise of all, as no assistance is lent by strap or hands, so the pain begins when the leg starts to bend and does not end until the exercise ends.

My therapy for the day is at 3:30PM, same place. An interesting sign is there, just inside. “No Concealed Weapons”, with a photo of a handgun, a circle around it, and a mark thru the gun. The sign is small, about 4” X 6”. Usually I carry. Not today, too much pain. We’ll see. I feel bad for establishments that believe this little sign that may not even be seen by most, would (a) be seen by murderers (b) murderers would care. These are the establishments that are targeted by murderers. Criminals aren’t stupid. Nobody wants to die by the hand of another unless they are very depressed and don’t have their own nerve for suicide. Criminals go for success. Whether theft, robbery, rape, murder, whatever the crime. A murderer would see that sign, smile to himself (usually is a man in this kind of crime), and commence fire. When the police arrived, the shooter would shoot himself, thereby removing, even the police, of some kind of vengeance. This is the ultimate put down to the public. The feeling by public, police, etc., is no one can do anything about these people. But someone could. And that someone could’ve been right there in the establishment. Except, that someone saw that sign and didn’t want to be ostracized or generally embarrassed by the establishment management. So on that day, that person died with the rest of the lambs by the murderer.

On this therapy day, I have a female therapist. Don’t know her name yet. Again, I am dressed rather skimpily for the weather, but perfect for therapy. The therapist and I discuss my surgery and she asks if I am right out of surgery and I tell her it was Monday. She massages my leg, and notes that my knee is heavily bruised on the right side of it. She says this bruising is nothing compared to what is going to show up in another day or two. And by gosh she is surely correct on that! Right now, Day 5, I have bruising all the way up my thigh on both sides, wonderful shades of purple, fading off to yellow as the days go by.

Then she comments on my actual surgery. My incision is nearly center left knee, or a smidgen off center to the left. The therapist comments that actually, the device that was inserted is to the right about two inches! Not under the incision at all! What a surprise that was! Although, as I commented back a bit, I had wondered about that. The surgeon had told me the partial was going to be on the right forward area, and clearly the incision didn’t indicate that area at all. But what an interesting thing to learn. The therapist believed that the incision was not directly over the device in my knee so that the healing would be easier, and I could get down into lower squats, or even kneel down on hard services without feeling pain from scar tissue inside the knee.

When I was done my therapy, my wife collected me, and off we went back home. The rest of the day was basically lying around until bedtime. Where-upon I decided to spend this night in my bed!! A wonderful thought, and I hoped it would continue that way! Once in a regular bed, the exercises, particularly the complete straightening of the leg were easier to feel the back of the knee on. Not any easier to do, just easier to feel.

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